Nutrient Types

Plants require two types of nutrients for healthy growth -- macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. Plants use macro-nutrients in large amounts while micro-nutrients are required in trace amounts. Following is a list of Macro and Micro- Nutrients and their functional importance in plant growth: 

Macro Nutrients

» Carbon - Formation of organic compounds

» Oxygen - Release of energy from sugar

» Hydrogen - Water formation

» Nitrogen - Chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins synthesis

» Phosphorus - Vital for photosynthesis and growth

» Potassium - Enzyme activity, Sugar and starch formation

» Calcium - Cell growth and division, component of cell wall

» Magnesium - Component of chlorophyll, enzyme activation

» Sulfur - Formation of amino acids and proteins


Micro Nutrients

» Boron - Vital for reproduction

» Chlorine - Helps root growth

» Copper - Enzyme activation

» Iron - Used in Photosynthesis

» Manganese - Component of chlorophyll, Enzyme activation

» Sodium - Vital for water movement

» Zinc - Component of enzymes and auxins

» Molybdenum - Nitrogen Fixation

» Nickel - Nitrogen Liberation

» Cobalt - Nitrogen Fixation

» Silicon - Cell wall toughness


Keep Nutrients Simple

Following a good nutrient regime and keeping it simple will go a long way to ensure adequate uptake of all the essential nutrients. It is advisable not to use too many formulations, as it may be very difficult to trace the exact cause of the problem if there are many additives and supplements in the nutrient mix.

The right nutrients are essential to an effective hydroponic garden. Take a little time to check out your options and see what is likely to be right for your needs. You might be surprised what a change in nutrient solutions could do! By coming in to our retail store or calling us, we can go over all the options when it comes to nutrients and what might work best for your gardening needs.